Sunday, 12 September 2010


I received this yesterday, from lovely Ilona of Pitsiperhonen. Receiving such award made my day, really!
So here's the idea: I now write seven facts about me, and then send this forward for another seven beautiful blogger, and they will do the same thing. Understood?

♥ 1. I'm slightly claustrophobic, but hey, who isn't?
2. Me and my body, we're not friends with each other.We're constantly fighting over everything, mostly food and waking up.
3. I love nature. Sometimes I wish I lived in the downtown, but then I take a walk in the forest and start respecting my privilege of being able to live nearby such magical place again. You get to breath you lungs full of fresh air everyday and it really is a wonderland of a photographer!
4. I respect different people. People who dress up and think like everyone else piss me off; why not use your own brain? I think there's nothing sexier than a boy who has a mind of his own.
5. I have two dreams, and I don't know which one to follow. The other part of me wants to utilize my artistic skills and to set up an advertising agency or the like. The other part want's to do something where I can help people; a very cosy and comfy retirement home, a home for troubled children.
6. I'm waiting for an answer from a modelling agency I sent my application last week. Being a model would be one of my three dream careers, but yeah... it's kind of a 6-years-old princess' dream. :'> And by career I mean something you can live only with. Well okay, I won't say anything. Let's just see where this takes me. Mom isn't very pleased with the application tho, she's trying to remind me of the importance of the school.
7. I love theatre and opera, and so do many of my friends, but since the tickets are so very expensive we sadly don't get to enjoy them very often. Fortunately my grandma is a big fan of culture so she sometimes takes me to threatre and borrows me her cds!

♥ Beautiful bloggers:
...who also have a very beautiful heart!
There are so many who I would have loved to send this but I had to choose seven...

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  1. Joutsenlampi ois oopperas nytte ♥ Kalleimmat liput on 62€, Mut permannolle ja ekan yläkatsomon sivuille on 56€. Ja sit jonnekki perseesee on halvempii..

  2. Haluisin ihan sikan nähä sen! :'( Mitenköhän kauan se pyörii? Vois kerhorahoil mennä... :--D

  3. Minäkinnnnnnn *>* Emmä yhtää tiiä kaua...

  4. Oh, thank you so much!! You are so sweet! :))


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