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I had totally forgotten the important third part!
Yes, it's important because I think the 'time of part three' was one of the best things we did in lovely old England! That's the time when we lest the busy central London behind and moved in the middle of nothing; Stansted countryside!

We stayed those two nights in an absolutely adorable bed&breakfast called Little Hallibury Mill, in the middle of golden fields! I think I had enought of fields fields and fields but they're totally different from the ones that are surrounding me at home.
Ok now I'm talking about fields. Frigging interesting, don't you think?? But anyway, it was a lovely place, and the staff was so nice!

When we arrived there it was midnight, and it was mizzling. The fog was so thick you could have cut it with a knife, but luckily the taxi driver knew the place (well, everybody in Stansted seemed to know the place...) and drove brought us safely to the mill. He was very sweet, and as he drove we talked about the differences of Finland and England. He really richened my knowledge of England!
When we arrived to the mill he told he'll wait with us until someone comes to get our luggages to our room, so we wouldn't feel like we're left alone in the darkness. We were so tired from the travelling (there was so 'tiny' problems with the busses...) but I was on a really good mood when we stood there waiting for an answer from the reception, listening to the nocturnal grasshoppers and trying to perceive the buildings around us.. Then the owner (a round little woman) of the place opened the door and this lovely warm light flooded into the darkness. She welcomed us, we said goodbye to our taxi driver and stepped inside. It was a small pub we entered, and there were three men sitting at the bar and I heard them talking about their children. It was all so clishé, like from a movie or such!
The woman took the room key and led us to another building where the customers where settled. As we arrived to our little room we thanked her and jumped on the bed, lied there for quite a while and then started unpacking our bags. After a hot shower we turned on the telly and watched a movie of a crazy pianist lol.

The next morning we ate a terribly delicious breakfast at the upper floor of the pub! After getting our tummies full of sausage, beans, tomato, scrambled eggs and all that we just enjoyed the relaxing stillness of doing nothing. I got bored of that quite quickly and started pressuring Sini to take a walk with me in the neighbourhood, you know, to catch a glimpse of the beautiful fields bathing in the light of the late summer sun. Bfore going for the little sightseeing walk we ate a savoury dish of salmon, chips and fresh salad. The owner lend us a map of the neighbourhood and so we were off.
I really enjoyed our little walk! I luvd all the beautifull old buildings, golden fields, foraging horses and the freshness of the woods, even tho we once again had our little problems with the map reading... We took some pictures of each other, in the middle of a field and on a tiny bridge. I will make an own post for them. After getting back from our little trip we took a little nap, because Sini's head hurt.
In the late evening we took another walk to the canal behind Little Hallibury Mill. The moment was almost magical, I think. We sat there, on a bench on the edge of the canal, watching the view in front of us, counting the planes that flew across the sky above us. I think we got something like 30 of them.

There were some houseboats anchored near the canal with families inside and the house on a high hill looked like the one of Elisabeth Bennet's.

When to restaurant was closed we asked the waitress if we could have couple of sandwiched, one as a evening snack and one for the early wake up the next morning. The lady was so sweet and said of course we can. I don't remember why but somehow we started talking about beer, and she told us she has a Finnish friend who makes gluten-free beer that is very popular in England. I can't remember the brand of the beer, but this Finnish friend of hers happened to be the owner of a popular restaurant-brewery of my hometown! Small world!!
It was all very sad saying goodbyes to the staff and crawling under the soft sheets of our room for the last time.

The next morning (at night, says I!) we woke up at three, put on some quick make up and took our bags. Our taxi was waiting for us in the still so dark front yard, and so we hopped in and started our melancholy trip back home.
The airport was fuzzy and full of still sleepy people, but we made it to our gate in time, after buying some last minute souveniers and breakfast from Starbucks.
The flight was pleasant, on turbulence or anything, but as we arrived it was all rainy and windy. Minna was waiting in the parking lot to pick us up, and when she told us we had just flown thru a horrible thunderstorm we were like WHAT? Really, I noticed it was 'a bit cloudy', but the ride was anything but bumpy! Minna told she had had to pull over because the storm was so bad she couldn't even see the road in front of her.

Lahti feels very small and empty after our trip. I think the thing that I miss the most are the people of London. So colourful!






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