Friday, 26 November 2010


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Hope ya'll have a great weekend! See you soon, hopefully!

Friday, 5 November 2010


Here are some pictures of the two Halloween parties we had; on Friday we had a little party at home and on Saturday we went to the party organised by some girls from our school. It was all really nice, and the lucky me; the dress I made didn't fall apart during the evening! Yippee and three hurrays, eh? We had lots of fun and danced like we were possessed by a dance demon (seriously, what?). The only not-so-nice thingie was that my money was stolen... I can't understand how someone can do such fucked up stuff when we were all there to just have a good time, dance and enjoy good company! That pissed me off so badly, but luckily my dear friends cheered me up and paid my taxi! :)
I luv you guys, and thank you for the evening!




Basement pose by me and Elina..

And then the pictures from Friday:>







Wednesday, 27 October 2010


...once again, and this year it's gonna be the best! Some kids from our school have organised a cool halloween pool party, and since me and my friends were invited, of course we're gonna go!

But here comes the problem; WHAT THE HELL TO WEAR!? An eternal problem in history of women, I know... But coming up with something that at the same time is unique, cool, sexy and comfy sounds kind of... impossible, maybe?
Pirate, bunny girl, witch, vampire... boring! Well, I could always make them look kind of different from the usual, but my time is limited; the party is on Saturday.
Now you're thinking "lol what a lazy-ass!" but I've decided to stick with a simple dollie style.

Yesterday I bought lots of shiny black fabric (it looks like leather when you look it like two meters away!) and black tulle. I'm absolutely no good at sewing and my sewing machine's a piece of shit from 80's, but I'm gonna try. Let's hope I'll succeed.

The outfit I'm going after looks something like this. Yes, I mean that little drawing on the right... Deep shame. I drew it last night, using the drawing panel of my phone.

The outfit:

* ruffled, black skirt
* black bow from the same fabric
* black corset top
* black over-knee socks
* black platform heels

* dark eye make-up (black and navy blue) and nude lips
* very big and curled hair
This great song from She wants revenge with it's video is so inspiring! I mean, Halloween inspiring. That girl, Lydia, looks so cute with the kind of a lolita hair, ribbon dress and dark make up. She's like a little fairy.
Gosh, I love She wants revenge... Anyway, let's all spend a great Halloween, shall we? :) I'll now go finnish my skirt. Have fun, you guys!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


I'm at school at the moment, having one hour of free time. All my friends are sick and 'sick' at home, it's so boring to be here now. Maybe I should read some biology. Nah.

A list what I want the most at the mo:
♥ Strawberry smoothie
♥ Baby pink hair extentions
♥ white fur coat
♥ american flag cropped top (below)
♥ slee~p
♥ bamboo chicken


I'm leaving to Estonia next Thursday with my family, for couple of days. I can't wait to see all my friends I haven't seen in a very long while. And I have to make sure not to forget my camera home, 'cause I bet Treimani looks just amazing in fall.
What are you gonna do this weekend?
♥ Hugs&Kisses ♥

Sunday, 10 October 2010



Hello everyone! I wish you've all had a great weekend! I must say that I really enjoyed myself, saw a lot of friends and shook shook shook it a lot! Ok now I've got the song 'Hot mess' stuck in my head... But anyway, here are some pictures from Saturday night.




NEWS Friday was quite stressing. I visited the modelling agency I told you guys bfore, but guess what... I lacked two friggin' centimeters from the standards of the agency. The fact that it all depended on such little thing was very frustrating, but the man who I talked to was very nice and weighed the fact that I shouldn't give up. He told me that their agency only searches for models who can do both show jobs and photoshoots, but also said that many other agencies have own categories for these two, and I should definitely try them. So even tho I was kinda sad and disappointed, it made my day when he said I mustn't give up!
So I'm now planning on sending my pics to the agency the man recommended me to. Let's hope it'll succeed. And even if it didn't, I still wouldn't give up! This. Is. My. Dream. Bitch. (=world)

Sini's new puppy named Yazzy finally arrived home! I was supposed to go to Sini's place today, but I think I'll do it tomorrow. I'm gonna buy that cute furry baby boy a big juicy bone! Oh, how cute!

I think I'll go warm up some pizza me and dad made today. Hungry hungry hippo (Emmi). Bye ya'll! Tomorrow's Monday, let's hope it'll bring a great new week with it, shall we?

Friday, 1 October 2010

About an year ago my friend told me she wanted to dye her hair pink. At that time I was like "ummm whåtever" but now... I'm kind of obsessed with it.

I'm so not into all that scene gal stuff, but... they can be quite inspiring sometimes. Why did that sound so weird? Kind of pervy. Anyway, I've came to build a kind of an obsessions to Aurdrey Kitching and her style. She's just so... lovely.

I want her hair. Well, I wouldn't want the pink to be so 'hot', I'd like it to be very light baby pink, with some blonde/grey tones with it. Ahh, like a pile of super duper soft candy cotton on your head! Can you imagine it?


The one on the right would be perfect, if it wasn't so hot pink. Love the light endings!
In the pictures below, what do think about the biggest pictures? With the black highlights? Doesit look bad? Could you imagine black as the main colour, with pink and blonde highlights?


And some other 'pink inspiration':



I have no clue where this pink-girly-candies and-unicorns obsessions came from. Maybe my mind is trying to come up with an antidote for the cold and dark winter days that are dangerously approaching. When you look out of your window now, the nature is flaming with all the gorgeous colous, but how about after a month? It'll be rainy, cold, windy and - 10 degrees. And there WILL be loads of slush, I tell ya! Loads. Wouldn't it be nice to walk around with candy cotton hair and a white fur coat? Wouldn't it feel just glamorous? Something to cheer up the mind.

The sad things is, that my hair is black/very dark brown. My hairdresser refused to bleach it, she said my hair is so thin that it'll fall off if I'll start torturing like that. Why was I born with such pathetic hair, huh? Anyway, I think I'll then buy some baby pink and blonde hair extensions and have a trio-colour hair. Black-blonde-light pink. Well, EB had her extensions pink-turquoise-blonde last year...

The other sad thing is my style. I don't know if the hair fits my style (that's more nature coloured and vintage - style) but we'll see. Well, I don't think if it actually is problem, now that I think it more closely. A very light coloured pink could actually look pretty cool with such style.

And oh, last summer my friend Mira dyed her hair blonde and (hot) pink. She changes her hair style quite often, but this one is the one I've liked the most - at least so far. It is so girly and nice, short hair really suits her. I've tried short hair (not that short, tho) and it just kind of doesn't look so good on me, so I'd prefer a longer -pink- hair.

So, bye byes miladies! I'll now go seek for some extensions. Have a great week and wish me luck for the interview! KissesHugs!