Tuesday, 31 August 2010


A dear friend of mine encouraged me to start my ancient-old hobby again! She moved to Los Angeles couple months ago and started dancing again, and when she told me that, I started longing to step into the pointe shoes again. She said I should totally do it if I felt like it. It's autumn, so the lessons must be about to start in these days.

So I contacted the Lahti dance academy and sought for available lessons. The lady of the office told me that the courses have already started three weeks ago, but I could still join if I wanted to. And of course I wanted to!

It must be like 10 years since I last danced so from tomorrow on I will be attending one (quite 'low level') lesson a week. If it feels good I'll probably increase the number of the lessons, to two times a week. I don't have time for more because of the critic times of studying, but hey, you have to have something more than just math and history books in your life, eh? I'm really looking forward for the first lesson tomorrow. (: Can't wait!

Wish me luck, fellas! I hope you've all had a great day! Kisses&Hugs,



  1. your blog is lovely! your very spontaneous and sophisticated..how old are you? i read you are about to start the second year of high school..you look like an 18yr old!
    check me out again! :)

  2. Wow your blog is so cool, very inspirational :)
    I'll defiantly be coming back!
    Hope you can tell me what you think of my blog if you get the time, i'd love feedback



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