Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wanna make out and kiss hard
wait nevermind

'Lahti nights' event is going on here in my hometown (I mean, has been going on for couple of days), and I think me and my friends will be joining the happy party and fun in downtown this evening. It would be great ending for a good day.

Yeah, I've had a very nice day today. Me, dad and Minna went shopping for some curtains plus other stuff and did a little visit to the flea market nearby. From there I found these cute pilot shades with couple of euros, plus some older beauty mags. (browsing old magazines is like diving into a spring of inspiration!) I luv the tiny hearts of the shades, they're adorable.

It's been a super hot day so I was wearing these denim mini shorts and a simple white T. I haven't been using my fake Juicy Couture bear necklace for a long time and I thought it would look cute with the heart shades. And it kinda did.

The perfect day was crowned with a nice dinner in the terrace. Feta salad with self grown herbs and tomato soup. Yummy.

Now I think I'll be going and starting to get ready for the party. Adieu!




  1. Uuu mamaa ihanat modit <3 ur so pretty~

  2. Ah thanks Ilona:D kiva et sai positiivista palautetta!(:

  3. I would love if you became one of my supporters as I've become with you!

  4. you take gorgeous pics !!
    i love the last shot !
    what camera do u use ?

  5. Michelle, thank you!:) I use Canon EOS 350D and well the cam sucks itself so I bought a tele-objective for it some time ago...


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