Friday, 9 July 2010


This has been a very nice summer, indeed! You know the feeling, I mean that little irritating feeling you get for doing nothing when the weather is just fine and the fact 'there is only half of your vacation left' is swelling behind your eyes? That annoying I'm-wasting-these-valuable-days -feeling. It's a punishment for watching TV
or lagging in Fabebook
when the sun is shining outside.

I can happily tell you folks I haven't got that feeling this summer! I've been travelling, having fun with friends, swimming and sunbathing etc. Of course vacations are for just relaxing, chilling and zeroing you brain, too. Telly is a great friend, as long as it won't take over you precious free time.

My last summer was a fiasco. I was going through my parents' divorce and everything just seemed to go wrong. I had some fun time too -of course- but I still can't recall that summer with warmth. Just thinking about year 2009 gives me the 'wasting days' feeling that is described above.

But yes, anyways, this summer deserves to be told about. Totally. Like I said, I've been travelling quite a lot this year but I've been too busy to write about those trips. We started the warm season with a trip to Cyprus, where we hadn't been for couple of years. It was - surprise surprise - so friggin hot there; over 30 degrees almost every day. We rented a car for some sightseeing, but unlike we had planned we didn't visit many museums or such, we just threw the map away and started following some random cars to some random places. And I tell you guys, that is a thrilling way to experience a country.
After Cyprus there was Estonia. We have a so-called 'second home' there which we visit couple times a year. Lots of fresh air and party all night long. And because Estonia is so close to Latvia we visited it too, to crab something to eat.
And the last but not least, me and Sini visited her summer cottage this week. (the pic on the left is from there) Santio is a little island in Baltic Sea, just some kilometers from Russia's borden. We spent there couple of days swimming, relaxing and eating. And photographing, of course ( horse and my horse is white horse. What?)

One thing I haven't been doing much this summer is shopping. I've bought like... one pair of shoes, few clothes (like one T-shirt) and some pieces of jewellery? I dunno what's wrong, maybe I've subconsciously been sparing for the London trip. Lol.
And oh, about the plans for the rest of the sweet summer days, I think I'll try to relax more. But well, still two more countries in my 'visit these countries during the summer vacation' -list to go; Russia and England (+ one more time to Estonia)

There is only one thing that has made me sad this summer, and that was Ellos' winter collection I found from my mailbox. I don't want winter clothes, no more snow and coldness! Now it's lovely plus 28 degrees, last winter it was minus 28 degrees. Can't go thru the decline of almost 50 degrees never again. Noo! (Do I sound desperate? Maybe. Probably.)

Anyway, it's almost 2.a.m so I think I'll be heading to the bed now. Good night, sweet thingys! Luv ya!

How has your summer been? So far so good?

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