Friday, 13 November 2009


Here are some of the photos I took with Sini on Sunday 11.1. Sadly I haven't been able to add them sooner because of my unfortunate trip to hospital 4.11-12.11. But now, as the brainiest ones of you may have noticed, I'm home and adding the pics. Woohoo!

So, it was a nice autumn day, the sun was shining and it was chilly in a good way. I called Sini if she's free and well, of course she was. *irony* I put on the yellow 60's dress that I sadly haven't been using very diligently. It's a shame, it is sucha nice dress. It's just hard to come up with places and occasions I could wear it in. Too bright-coloured for a everyday school dress, but too strange for a weekend teenage partying. Maybe I could wear it next time when going to movies or to restaurant with friends. Yes, that'll I do. Oh yes, so I put on the dress and me, Sini and camera headed to the notorious forests of Renkomäki. There are these cool rocks that the teenagers of the last millenium have painted with peace symbols, and it was a good place for us to photograph. If I had remembered the peace symbols earlier I would have dressed up more 60's style, but yeah well... I didn't.

Verona is coming to visit us tomorrow and I was thinking it would be cool if we could go see the new movie 500 days of Summer. I really can't believe my luck! And I can't believe there are this clever people in this languishing planet! I mean, Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Regina Spektor's music in a same movie! It's like dreams coming true. This must be just a beautiful dream... Things like this don't happen in real life. But please, don't wake me up yet. Lemme dream until I've seen that movie.

Hopefully dad'll let me leave the house, (so I can go shee the friggin movie!) he's a bit worried for my health. Well, he should be, when I'm in company like Sini, Elina, Julia, Mira and Verona. It is just that if I even fall it may have fatal consequences. I mean, when you should have 150-300 of those cells that stop bleeding in your blood and you have like 20 of them. That's why my arms are like this, covered in big black bruises. When they took the bloodtest every morning in the hospital, of course the little holes made by the tiny needles must have bled like I've been hit by a truck. SIGH. Well, no fancy dresses in a while, or people'll think I'm a friggin drug addict.

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