Friday, 13 November 2009

I'm home. Yes, I really am! Yesterday morning the doctor came to tell me that my thrombocytes had risen to 21, so I may go home, thanks to that one little cell + 20. He gave me my pills (cortisone for the ITP, stomach protecting pills because of the cortisone, and some pills to heal the damages in my throat caused by the cortisone = 8 pills/day)

When I was packing my stuff in the hospital room, one of the nurses came to ask me when I'll be coming back. When will I be coming back? For a moment I was scared for the whole idea of returning, but just for a moment. Suddenly I felt all sad and knew I was going to miss that room and the staff who took so good care of me. I ran downstairs to the café to buy a big bag of candy, then went back to thank all the nurses and to give them the sweets. Then I left.

It's funny how easily you get institutionalized. The next (this) morning I woke up and was like all lost. Why isn't anyone bringing me food? Why is it so quiet? Why isn't anyone watching and taking care of me for every waking second? And WHY didn't anyone wake me up to take my pills?

This first day I've spent outside the heavy doors of the hospital has been just great! I woke up 10:30 (though I didn't sleep so well because of the achy arm where they gave me the swine "nöf nöf" influenza vaccine), took my pills and tried to fix a good and nutritious breakfast. Then mom took me out to get some fresh air. (fresh air = let's go see the new Vero Moda they opened yesterday) She bought me dark grey jeggins and a white shirt with a girl's face print. Super basic, but that is something I needed. Then we had a cup of coffee at Sinuhe.

When I got home to Paulakatu I immediately ran to my room, closed to door behind me just lied on my own sweet bed for a while. After breathing enough the familiar and safe scents and checking everything is like they were two weeks ago I took a walk with dad in the snowy Renkomäki. It was so strange! The day I left it was still autumn, but when I return it suddenly is winter! And what a cold winter it is! But now that I'm home and all stuffed with food all I can say is:


PS. Cortisone is the nightmare of a teenage girl. Side effects:
- gaining weight and pimples. LOL.

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