Monday, 9 November 2009

I've never disliked Cocolulu, but neither have I ever got that exciting "I need that product, it's meant to be mine" feeling when seeing someone wearing their clothes or when browsing their sites. And even though my friend has been blazing the brand for a pretty long time, I never felt that notorious lust for the product while listening that HALLELUJAH for Cocolulu coming out of her mouth. And that is pretty strange thing not to happen, because I usualle get very (too) easily affected by that kinds of things around me. I mean, mouths praising things. Making me believe they really are better than chocolate, made in heaven.

But enough utter nonsense coming out of this chili nuts filled mouth now (yes, I'm eating them right now, and lying on the same old hospital bed I've been lying for last 6 days.), the point is, that I'm looking for a big and soft thing to put my head into. Something big and soft with a furry bobble like the one Sini had last winter. Last winter I didn't have any of that kinds of things, I mean, things called hats, and it must have damaged my brain. I'm sure about that, so I decided this time I won't let my head down. I need a hat. A big hat. And how great, it's in!

So I started looking for those 80's head-thingys but the ones they are selling in the local stores happen to be protecting everyone's heads here in our little town. "You bought that from Only? Me too! And my sis! And my cousin, and her best friend!" The name "Cocolulu" brings pictures of big colourful caps to my head, so I dived into my computer and started searching. Looked pretty promising, and I'm pretty sure I found my brain-protectors! The black and white cap goes with many clothes, and because I'm on a romantic mood right now I find this light pink furry hat very magnetic. I can imagine myself using it with some a beige frilly dress and... something. And my ears stay warm!

Talking about the romantic, sensitive period I'm having... It's wickedly twisted with a "studs, drugs & leather" rebel -period. (Billy Idol - Rebel yell <- you won't be disappointed!) I find that feeling very confusing, because I can't choose where to spend my money to. To frilly, light coloured clothes with rose rings and lace or to leather, spiky boots and shredded clothes? Maybe I'll take something little from the choice ONE and mix it with choice TWO. Romantic rebel. Yeah baby.

I've always thought God and Jesus things are useless and yes, kinda stupid. (I'm sorry if hurt someone) But this morning after the daily 07:00 bloodtests I was so worried about the results I actually prayed! I prayed for higher amount of thrombocytes, and hey, it helped! Or maybe it was just my spleen who didn't wanna cause me any more problems, but anyways I was really happy and relieved! Now that the thrombocytes are 12, they should rise to 20 before weekend, and THAT means I could spend Friday and Saturday with my friends, and Verona, who's visiting Lahti this weekend! I would be jolly happy if I could!


> I'll go take a hot shower, treat my body and hair with the best creams and oils there are.
> I'll paint my nail with bright and happy colours.
> I'll update my blog and post the pictures me and Sini took last last week.
> I'll dress myself in frilly and beautiful things.
> I'll meet all my friends and we'll go shopping, and then we'll go to movies and to a fancy restaurant and I'm gonna hug and kiss them all!
> I will sleep in my OWN BIG bed in my OWN room next to my dear dog and all my plushies like Snuffeli, Muumi and Scrat.
> I'll thank all the nurses on the "näppituntuma". I can't understand why people always say the nurses treat them bad and are rude because they are in sucha hurry all the time. The nurses who are taking care of me are very busy, but they always have time to look after me and comfort me when I'm feeling down or worried. I'm gonna miss them for sure.
> I'll be grateful for my every day with good health and I'll promise to hug the people I love much more often!

Good night my sweetie pies, love ya all! Wish me luck. PEACE!

Ps. The pic above has nothing to do with anything dirty! :o The pose may look like it, but it's just an innocent fashion photo. Err just think it's amazingly beautiful!


  1. Mäkin oon lähiaikoina todennut että Cocolululla on kivoja pipoja, arvaa vaan onko hankintalistalla. :D
    Toisaalta joku karvalakki olis kans ihan symppis.. Pitää kattoo. x)

    Mä pidän omani ja kaikkien vastaantulevien peukut pystyssä sulle! :)

  2. Jos asuttais samas kaupungis voitais vaikka tehä yhteinen pipotilaus cocolululle, mutta eivät taida Kerava ja Lahti yhdistyä...

    Ja kiitos peukuista, sun ja vastaantulevien! :))


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