Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Stupid wankers and dead man having a sauna.

Just watched the latest episode of Skins. Cried so hard, 'cause I felt so bad for Fred. How can they all be so cruel and against one, innocent boy in love! Stupid #%&*@# Cook. Ok, now I'm drifting into that world of TV series again. Telly has a bad effect on me...

Something about last few days:
Last Sunday I spent a night at my mom's new apartment with Elina. (this time legal way). Elina had a mind-blowing idea of delicious fruity smoothie, so we went to the nearest grocery store and bought...

And those couple poor fruits cost almost 10 €! THAT is sad.
So, we cut the fruits into fine cubes, put them into a blender and watched how the delicious, colourfull little cubes turned into a horrible, horrible... thick and... ugly sauce.

Well, it tasted almost as bad as it looked like, though Elina thought the taste was just fine. Oh my God.... There's something terribly wrong with her mouth.

After that we went to buy a pizza. : D

Ray Bans make me look like I'm blind or something. :DDD

We ate the pizza, and played all those nostalgic horsey computer games Elina had taken with her. Romemond Hill, for example. So good memories...

After one o'clock in the morning.

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