Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Konichiwa Bitches

Yesterday I went shopping with Julia. She found so many nice things and I found my dream skirt! A black, very puffy one! I'll totally wear it tomorrow evening when I meet one... person. :) Here's a picture of it. Sorry, blurry, and it looks brown... :( It has a cute strechy belt too.

The day before yesterday me and Sini were sunbathing in her backyard, but it got so friggin hot we decided to go in and have some fridge-cold pear juice. Then somehow I ended up fitting Sini's clothes. My favourite was this skirt with braces. Sini is a bit bigger than me so that's why it drapes like that... But I think it looked nice in that way. I don't remember the brands of these clothes, but oh how I wish they we mine... So casual and cute.

With Canon you can!

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