Friday, 17 July 2009

I need Vicodin! I'm in pain!

Ok, I had to say farewells to my great plans once again. No blueberry pie, no bf feeding.
The reason for this unpleasant happening is that I got sick yesterday. :( I have a terrible stomach ache, I'm running a high fever and my head is killin me. :( The worst thing is, that I'm not at home. I'm at my cousins place, and there's no one to stroke my hair and bring me ice cream and blow the bellyache away... I want my mommyyyyyyyy. (Krmh... Fever-talking)

Thank God there are some good things too. My aunt was cleaning the attic and found her old leather skirt (brown) from the time she was a high school student. She asked me if I want it and of course I said yes. I'll post a pic of it later, when I get home. (Sunday)

I'm not feeling so hot right now so I think I'll take a little nap. Adieu!

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