Sunday, 2 August 2009

Good news:
- Sassy came back from the dog hotel ❤
- I bought cute shirt with 3 euros

Bad news:
- Still haven't bought my high school books

Very bad news:
- Dean Winchester's gonna die within three weeks...

Just came back from Sini's summer cottage. Eating wonderfull home-made food (mostly fish. You know, living in the island), swimming, sunbathing, photographing and BUILDING SANDCASTLES! Even though we had sucha wonderful time in that little island called Santio, 4 days in same clothes, without proper make-up and proper shower, and your hair messed up with salty sea water and wind... It's a major joy to come home, take a hot shower and sauna and care your skin with luxurious creams.

But here are some pics from Santio.

Last night, at the shore.

Two doggies (Sini and Pate) and hippie me. I really like this pic, it is so funny. #&%*@ why am I sucha loser who can't even upload pictures to Blogger in the right size. My pics are soooo tiny!

Sini's grandma made pancakes for us. ❤

Our super sandcastle called "EmmiSinipolitan". The other name can't be published in terms of dirty language and protecting young people.

Sini with the "EmmiSinipolitan". Next morning we woke up and walked to the shore. The only thing we saw was the sticks of the bridge and the "trees" of the garden floating in the sea. Too bad.

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