Friday, 6 August 2010

Bumpy ride

I hate these overly long posts but what can you do. :)

A week ago me and Sini hopped into the plane of Ryanair's and started our journey to England. I must tell you, it was a big thing for girls like us, who have lived a whole life in a sucha very little town as Lahti. If I wrote about everything that happened during our trip it'd become a book of a size of Lord of The Rings, really. That's why I'll only write about the happening more generally.

Anyway, the day we arrived it was - suprise suprise - raining. It was getting late so we took a taxi from Victoria station to our hostel. The driver left us to Harrow road and told us the hostel is on our left. We stood there, in the rain, trying to figure our where the heck it was. On the left? No, it can't be. Those are only ugly and grey buildings with some shady bars. We walked forward - no hostel 639 around. Then we came back to where we had started and noticed a poor little sign standing right in front of us, telling that our 'best budget hostel in London!!' really was 'on our left'. I almost got a friggin heart attack when I saw the place! It was a tiny door surrounded by some creepy looking people smoking, and laughing loudly at us, The two naive-looking girls standing in the grey rain.


'Do we really have to sleep here?' I thought when we entered into a cramped, alcohol and cigarettes smelling reception. As we made our way to the desk I saw a man lying on a barely standing sofa. At first I thought he was dead, lying like a fresh corpse, with empty eyes staring into nothingness. Then suddenly he lifted his hand and sucked to his cigarette.
A French woman welcomed us happily to Hostel 639 (Hostel 639, the best high-quality and low budget in London! they say.) and gave us our key, and I was relieved to get out of that room filled with creeps. Our room was in the fourth floor, where a funny-looking rastafari led us. We ran into our room, locked the door tightly behind us and started laughing (hysterically), but then some drunken people started knocking at our paper-thin door, telling us to let them in. That was the end of the laughing, and we stacked a big pile of available pieces of furniture before the door (a television, a rusty chair and our luggages, to be exact!)
Sini called her mom and asked her to search for another hostel/hotel/whatever, 'cause this'll be the very last night we spend in this piece of shit. After the call I fell asleep. Sini couldn't sleep well.

We woke up about seven o'clock, all ready to leave Hostel 639 behind. When we went to the reception to check out, all the men behind the desk started laughing. "Where are you from?" "From Finland..." "I see."

It was a budget hostel okay, but maybe we were too... sensitive to sleep in such place. Haha.



After some troubles with the busses we made it to our new hotel. Athena Hotel, what a relief! It was just a tiny place in Sussex Garden, but it was very cozy and friendly. The first thing we did in our room was to drink a nice cup of tea and take a little nap. Lovely.


Sini in front of 'the second hotel'.


Taking a little nap.


Getting ready for shopping.


Stupid 70's Finland! Why did they have to tear down all (most of) the beautiful old building and replace them with concrete boxes? I think everything in 70's was discusting, except the music (ah) and some clothes. Architecture sucked. I so envy all the people in London, being surrounded by such gorgeous buildings. Grr!

Anyway, I'm too tired to continue. Damn, what a lame post this turned out to be, after all. Hmph. I'll add the part two tomorrow, if I get some pictures from Sini's cam. Good night, my lovelies!


  1. Sounds like a great time, you girls are cute!:D

    I agree, I don't like the 70's that much too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Marie-- Haha, thank you!!:D You too!(:

  3. What a fun voyage with a friend, Im really looking forward to a trip with my besties sooon!!

  4. L-- I hope you have a great time too!!(:

  5. Hello Hello Emmi :)

    God, these men at the first, soggy hostel seemed to be a bunch of haughty bastards - if you get what I mean. I guess I would have freaked out completely if I were at that hostel, being one of those paranoid people. Oh how I envy you... I just want to plunge into this blog post.
    Thank you Thank you for the letter and present you sent me. It was such a lovely present. Talk more about it when we chat next. Now off to check out part 2 of the London travel story.

  6. your london adventures look amazing:)
    and some part of me kinda wants to stay in that dodgy hostel to see how long i would last. haha.
    as soon as i learn to drive im going to do a trip to landon with my best friend:) xo


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