Wednesday, 27 October 2010


...once again, and this year it's gonna be the best! Some kids from our school have organised a cool halloween pool party, and since me and my friends were invited, of course we're gonna go!

But here comes the problem; WHAT THE HELL TO WEAR!? An eternal problem in history of women, I know... But coming up with something that at the same time is unique, cool, sexy and comfy sounds kind of... impossible, maybe?
Pirate, bunny girl, witch, vampire... boring! Well, I could always make them look kind of different from the usual, but my time is limited; the party is on Saturday.
Now you're thinking "lol what a lazy-ass!" but I've decided to stick with a simple dollie style.

Yesterday I bought lots of shiny black fabric (it looks like leather when you look it like two meters away!) and black tulle. I'm absolutely no good at sewing and my sewing machine's a piece of shit from 80's, but I'm gonna try. Let's hope I'll succeed.

The outfit I'm going after looks something like this. Yes, I mean that little drawing on the right... Deep shame. I drew it last night, using the drawing panel of my phone.

The outfit:

* ruffled, black skirt
* black bow from the same fabric
* black corset top
* black over-knee socks
* black platform heels

* dark eye make-up (black and navy blue) and nude lips
* very big and curled hair
This great song from She wants revenge with it's video is so inspiring! I mean, Halloween inspiring. That girl, Lydia, looks so cute with the kind of a lolita hair, ribbon dress and dark make up. She's like a little fairy.
Gosh, I love She wants revenge... Anyway, let's all spend a great Halloween, shall we? :) I'll now go finnish my skirt. Have fun, you guys!

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