Thursday, 22 October 2009

Don't break my spleen, my achy breaky spleen...

Guess who never made it to Gotland, or to London? Yes, me. Because after the cruise to Stockholm mom directly drove me to the hospital, where they took some X-ray photographs and blood tests. Diagnosis: bronchitis and mononucleosis, so called "kissing disease". (You get it if you kiss someone who's had that disease) So, now my throat and liver will swell, and if fall (badly) or you punch me to the stomach my spleen might explode. So please don't hit me. Now I'm on a sick leave for month. Just lying on my bed. Lying on my bed... Lying on my.....
(Yup, I'm here without permission)

BUT don't be afraid, you can still come to my place to give me that "get well soon card" and a bunch of flowers. It won't catch it, unless we kiss. ;)

Good night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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